Gently does it! Honouring the feminine through Essence of Egyptian dance

This workshop series continues my practice as a dancer and dance movement therapist in facilitating women’s journeys as we go deeper and deeper into our beings, looking for truth, wholeness and the essence of who we are.

In this series I introduce Yin Bellydance, a further development of Embodied Bellydance® influenced by my exploration of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Yin Bellydance builds further on the Yin elements of Embodied Bellydance, giving time to feel the body responding firstly to breath and a deep listening.

These practices have given me profound insights into my body, creating more freedom and space. Chronic pain is one reason I attended my first bellydance class 30 years ago and I would like to share the solace I have found in Egyptian dance, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

What will we do?

Discover the journey of figure eights, circles and waves through the body as a whole and find our way into the feeling of each movement.

Experience the shaping of all the joints and sets of bones through the hips, knees, ankles and the movement of the whole spine as the navel creates the shape.

Experience the movement of the fluids as they dip and shift and flow through the fascia and connective tissue.

Explore our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual response as we move to the sound of traditional and contemporary Egyptian music.

Learn the Golden Mantra, unlocking barriers to improvisation no matter how much experience you have.

Explore Baladi and stress free spontaneous choreography.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is open to all levels of dance and movement experience.

I welcome bellydance and non bellydance participants, as this mix of participants has ensured a rich field of illumination in the past.

Bellydance teachers benefit not only from insight into music and movement, but also the teaching skills developed from the experience of learning in a multi-skilled environment.


Jan 11 – 15, 2020

10.30 to 6.00 pm daily

5 days: $680

Weekend only: $280


Certificate of attendance is issued on request


Grace Revolution Studio
Level 1 462 Smith St Collingwood

What shall I bring?

Sacred object (anything that is meaningful to you today, that will be placed on an altar and taken home at the end of the day)

2 soft 20 cm pilates balls (Hart online are good because they have a short plug)

Water, snacks, lunch

Note book if needed

Fruit, nuts & teas will be provided

What inspired me to offer this workshop series?

Recently a private client who also loves bellydance was surprised to discover that bellydance was traditionally an improvised dance.  I understood perfectly why she was surprised. In this day and age, for a number of reasons, the dance is mostly taught through choreography.  Many people find improvising hard to teach and learn. I feel blessed that this was my road into Egyptian dance all those years ago. The music and rhythms speak to my heart and I am transported.  My connective tissue, organs, bones, parasympathetic nervous system bathe in the sound.

I look forward to sharing this gift with you.

This workshop is open to all levels of dance experience. 

Teachers are very welcome.  

Certificate of attendance is issued.