Women’s Urban Retreats

There have been three magical Women’s Urban Retreats held at the Inner Movement Centre. They have all been a wonderful womanly experience for all who attended.

This is what some of the women had to say about the last retreat:

Beautiful Maria the last couple of days flash back in my mind I smile and giggle with delight . . . and at your beauty. I bow down in honour & appreciation for what magic you have sparked in me by being you and sharing it. Thank you AT

I still feel the ongoing joys and peace of that weekend and especially of connecting in such a special way with such amazing women. (Very like the image of the card I pulled on the first evening: the three dancing fates. I remember saying there was so much music and harmony in that image.) It continues to feed a small sacred sanctuary within me: my home, my springboard for dancing, enjoying good food, connecting with an open heart, living with all the messy, noisy, loving, peaceful vigour which is being without boundaries. Thank you!! NM

What a beautiful few weeks since the retreat . . . I am exploding with creativity and possibilities Thankyou to all of you,
Love and sunshine and hugs C

I feel so blessed to have met you all and to have shared such a beautiful time with you! I came back feeling sooo refreshed and ready to look for new possibilities and to get more out of life than I have before. It was so special being with people who are like-minded and I felt that every woman I met connected with me, especially during our dancing! What a wonderful and liberating experience it was. Thank you all for your kindness and sharing your beautiful spirits with me!

Lots of love DD