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Dates:  Sat 4 & Sun 5 June

Times: 9.00 am – 5.30 pm

Venue:  Dorm 1, Rosina Building Abbotsford Convent, St Hellier St Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia

If you pay attention to an Egyptian country woman as she walks along the dusty street carrying her load on her head what might you see? You may notice that she walks with a proud gracious elegance, her body has a natural ease, there is little effort to hold herself in the poised perfection as she balances her load on her head. She glides as her hips sway side to side and her feet roll across the sand. Her shoulders are free, her face is free, her eyes look straight ahead.  As her feet move her forward there is a twist, spiral- double helix through her spine the echoes from her feet through the base of spine. The energy moves awards, echoing in her ribs and shoulders right to the top of her head. Her dangling arms follow this twist as the movement of ribs and shoulders move around her axis and her heart.

Bringing this to the dance: in Raqs Sharqi it is called Scissor walk*

See it in the eyes of Alexander Technique it is called Primary Control: she is in expansion moving in opposition, from the centre in all directions, outwards and back again. 

She is all woman, her femininity pours through her body and into the ground, full of pride and in her essence.

This is where the dance begins

It is from here that I have drawn much of my inspiration. I have said many times before, The dance is simply a more animated walk”, the waves, spirals and curve get exaggerates when we dance. The fundamentals are all there, in the walk.

In this workshop we continue the journey into the Sacred and therapeutic dance of Ancient Egypt, going deeply into the walk, exploring its somatic expression, but also moving form a deeper emotional space, questions could be: where do my feet take me and how do they walk me through life?  Taking our time using Yin energy to give width and breath to Yang energy.

The walk will take us into the Traditional and modern Sha’abi dance and music. The movement of the pelvis as it expresses the articulation of the hip joins that echo the pounding rhythm of the feet as it tell the story of the beat. The story is not complete without Baladi music as the colours wake up the snaking spine and all its expressions. There will many other musical surprises.

It give me great pleasure to have  Jane Refshaurge, my Alexander Technique (AT) teacher, mentor and friend joining us during the workshop. Jane will teach you the basic principals of Alexander Technique and how they are applied to the dance.   She will work with aspect of AT that talk directly to Egyptian dance. When Jane places her hands on you, I can assure you something new and magical will happen in your body.

As usual all levels of dance and non dance and styles are welcome. I foster interactive learning. Everyone benefits, from very experienced dancers to the complete beginner.

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Cancellation Policy

What you need to bring:

Yoga mat


2 20 cm Pliates balls (I have a limited amount for sale)

A mediation cushion**

A thin stick at least 1 metre long (no decorated dancing sticks)

Comfortable cloth

a long skirt or dress

Long veil

Hip sash or scarf


* This term came from the the then Hilal School of Raqs Sharqi

** Mediation cushion with Barley husks is idea because of the weight and size. Any other small cushion that has some weight in it will also be OK. Apart from sitting on it you will be used it to carry on your head. Therefore it need to be weighty so there is no effort in keeping it there.

Snack fresh fruit and nuts will be provided