Dear People

Bob Dylan wrote the song “Times they are a-changing”  57 years ago. At that time it was to do with social and political change. Could he have imagined that at the bed rock of our existence, Mother Earth and all sentient beings would be facing this great existential turning point.  

We in Austraia have had the impact of Global Warming bought to the forefront of our psyche. 

For those not directly affected by the fires and floods, we grieve together as we have witnessed the loss of lives, loves and homes. forests, animal and plant species. Our beautiful unique island home has been directly hit by this expression of Mother Earth as the whole world watches. The magnitude of what has happened here, potentially will happen everywhere. 

We are digesting all of this
We are coming to terms with many things

I personally in my heart of heart believed that humanity has the ability to make the change towards a better world. To make this reshaping we must be prepared to ride out the transfiguration

I believe that good will prevail. 

I believe and know that there are many people on the planet who believe in and are working for this. These beings are not in the media, (well actually some are now) you may not even be aware of who they are.  There are a great many groups and organisation working on the matrix of Good Will with Intention, Pray, Meditation, Creative Gestures and Non Invasive Action.  Google will help you find them 

You may be asking your self:

  • Who can I trust or believe?  
  • Have I been cheated?  
  • Why would humans do this to each other? 
  • What can I do?
  • What about my kids?

How do we navigate these traumatic events with authenticity and vulnerability and keep our “SELF” in tact?
How do we maintain faith and hope and trust and keep our hearts open?

I invite you to join me in a dance of PERSONAL ACTION in the company of others. 

Hobart Dance 21 & 22 March 2020

There will be one in Italy in July.