A conversation between the sacrum the heart and our innate sexuality

This workshop has taken place in:

Senigallia  Italy 6 July 2019

 Milano Itlay 29th & 30th July 2019

Melbourne Aust 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2019


The space that Maria creates in her workshops brings me to a different dimension of peace, love and harmony.

Working through the body somatically as we are allowed in our own time to let go of past traumas, pain.   This is done so very gently that you hardly feel it, and when finished you are left with a feeling of just being.   Just being in my own presence feeling safe, love and accepted.

As a human being what else is there than being one with yourself and therefore with others.

Thank you Maria for an amazing experience. 

Love & Light. Toni. Yoga Teacher. 

Being 60 fills with a sense of being in my perfectly non perfect existence. Every day I practice acts of attempted authenticity. Rising up stumbling and falling and getting up again. 

I was sharing with a friend that when I began my long career as an Artist model at the age of 19 I felt a great sense of belonging and personal freedom. I discovered that being naked was so natural to me and on top of that I was paid to be naked. I am one of those people that when it is hot I take my cloths off and when it is cold I put them on. So in spite of the things that happen to me as a small child, things that should not have happened, somehow in me there was something bigger than all of that, that allowed me on some levels to be able to be comfortable in my skin. I have the same feeling with my sexuality, but due to that past experience it was complicated.  I have learnt a lot about myself in the healing process. When I took up Egyptian dance at the age of 29 the door opened to an ancient wisdom that dwelled inside me, the challenge to embrace my femaleness and to a journey of self discovery through this primordial and essential dance. This dance lead me to other movement healing modalities that took me to become a Dance Movement Therapsit that became the foundation of my work.   

Delving into the potential naturalness and normality of our sexuality. Aligning itself to our hearts desire and the meaning of self love and unconditional acceptance.  Our beautiful, bountiful and boundless heart holding us physically, emotionally and spiritually in our sacredness.    

We deal with distorted anomalies around our sexuality, mostly focuses around women. In a privileged country such as australia we can run or attend a workshop such as this one. As we who can reclaim the right to embrace our natural selves for ourselves including our sexual organs, we can help open the portal for all women of all cultures.  Once we can individuate ourselves and our sexual expression we can then navigate our wants, needs and right in relationship to other. To do this we must create a compassionate and self loving path to the heart. 

Through authority in the acknowledgement that much of what we believe about the feminine has been filtered through the eyes of a patriarchal context. We have to know and care about this. We are trying. 

In this creative, expressive, movement and dance workshop we will address these themes. Deepening our relationship to the heart connection, to our personal expression of sexuality and joy. 

Through the expansion of the relationship we have with ourselves we can the meet the other.