Date: Sat 21 Sun 22 October
Time: 9.30 am – 5. 30 pm

Venue: Mind Body Heart, 81 Nanson St, Cnr Grantham St, Wembley WA 

For general information  please contact Rowena Coshen:   +61 419 240 944

Before I began to study Egyptian dance a Psychic told me of 6 past lives that were important to my present life. That was over 30 years ago. I have and am, living the relevance of each one of them now. But the one that has played out in the many layers of my life is the one I lived in Egypt. It was said that in ancient times I lived in the desert with the women and that I was a dancer and that to this life I brought with me the love and spirit of the music and dance of the desert. Now as I said, I had not began to train in Egyptian dance or ever think about it then. I thought she was talking about my love of dance in general. How, when I danced the music would enter my body and I would become connected to a power greater than myself. That when I danced I felt the part of me that is wild and free. Five years later, I attend my first class. From that day, my body memory began to awaken to the healing nature of the spirals and circle. I entered into the serpentine movements of the spine and the rhythmic shaking, the movement of the hips and pelvis, all swirling around the navel.

In the early years when I first begin to teach, the instructions would pour out of my mouth. It was my voice, but what I was saying was coming from another source. I would be thinking how do I know this . . . is it true? The answer was and still is Yes! As time passed the voice and I grew to become one. I became what I was teaching.

Over that time more information came. I was a healer in Egypt but also in other places at other times. I belonged to the tribe of women who were burnt or left behind. Dance, ritual, herbs, a body wisdom and earth wisdom were our tools. Many of those woman are my friends now.

Today I am alive and not left behind. 8 years ago I went to Egypt and made peace with the Goddess Isis at her small temple behind the temple of Hathor at Dendera.

Now I teach this dance as a healing dance and a dance of Joy. Firstly it is for women, so that they can know their bodies and the movement that give them ground and strength. The movements that Awakens them to the power of Snake energy, that connects earth and heaven.

Men can have this too, but first women need to truly unite and know that the Feminine is strong. Know that it is not weak to show emotion, to be vulnerable. To be sensual and sexual as women for women, not what the male driven world wants us to believe. Because what is projected upon us only keeps us disempowered. All women of all shapes and sizes as. All ages.

Sadly as women we have been challenged by the patriarchal story that binds us to compete against each other. This has been going on for millenniums. It is not our fault, but it is our responsibility to do something about it.

The sacred and therapeutic dance of Ancient Egypt can help us to heal this story. Through this dance we empower ourselves by weaving the our bodies to wholeness. I know because it is my story. I have been weaving myself to wholeness for 25 years and I continue to do so.

Come join the circle and weave your story with me and other women.

Learn the find your centre through the energetic spiral. Learn to yield to your strength that lies within, a strength based on ebb and flow. Letting go of the rigid amour that holds us together.

As we dance with joy with women as equals, creating a wheel of life that can lead us into a future full of Authenticity and Femininity.

This dance journey is beyond Embodied Bellydance® this is a Dance Journey for the Awakening Heart. Although for anyone who has been working with me that knows that each time they dance with me, it is not only the technique that gets better but other things happen. They cry tears of joy and sorrow. This time we are going to dive into the tears and dance them into our hearts.

I am grateful to all the amazing women in my life who I know will,nod their heads in the knowing or cry when they read this.

When I first introduced this workshop both in Italy and Australia I had never had so many women contact me. They all shared a need to be able to express their femaleness as it is. They wanted to feel the freedom to be a full bodied sexual being. Nothing fancy, simply as it is, nothing seemingly out of reach or a best kept secret as if often portrayed to us.

Come as you are be in your skin, dance your skin and all that it contains.

Meet yourself in your Sacredness in the presence of others

My passion is to take people on a Shamanic* Journey through dance and somatic awareness. A dance of change and transformation. Traveling through the varied layers of the psycho-physical and psycho spiritual realms. Allowing the dance to tell the story and then to listen attentively to the story through sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Because here lies the truth. Embracing the authenticity of the self through love and compassion.

Shamanic to me, means to facilitate change and transformation. Changing shape and form, rearranging the bodies internal and external landscape. Redirecting the path to pave a new way of being, beginning in the body through Heart Soul and Spirit. 

This workshop was presented in 2015 in Melbourne Australia and Milano Italy.

Cost: $285

Please pay a deposit of $100 or total amount to secure your place. Total amount due by the 15th September