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Friday 8th to 10th November 2013

 Maria Sangiorgi  AUSTRALIA  


The Australian Dance Movement Therapist Maria Sangiorgi will present for the second time in Italy her therapeutic approach based on “Embodied Bellydance ®”. In this second workshop she will continue the exploration of focusing on the healing effects of the free flowing movement of the spine, including connection to the navel and its nature to expand through spirals and the energetic model of the starfish pattern. The workshop is aimed at both those who have never had experience of these forms of movement, and those who want to deepen the practice.

Embodied Bellydance®  embraces the undulating, spiralling,  circling movements of the human body, life and the universe. By Following these natural movements, we invite them to amplify and radiate through the whole organism.  Embodied bellydance® invites you to organise the natural movements, the inner wave and to follow the rhythm, the song , the beat of the drum, and become the spirals, circles and waves into patterns that tell the story of the music.

By accessing the rich resources of movement our Spines  offer us we begin to express the ancient dance of the Serpent. We can move like the serpent;  we have the potential to inspire our connective tissue, bones, muscles, organs, and the spaces in between with the fluid nature and resonance of water. Finding this fluidity liberates us, on all levels.

Embodied bellydance® was born out of an exploration of the fundamentals of Egyptian dance and its ancient and profound wisdom. This progressed to a curiosity for the connection that the dance held to the spiralling flow of nature, life and the universe. It also spoke of the interconnectedness of the masculine and feminine energy through shape and form and the harmonic correlation to music. To be embodied in this dance is to be whole. It weaves a story throughout the spine and radiates out via the navel in all directions to all parts of the body. It takes from the culture of its origin a joy and respect for life.  Embodied Bellydance® asks you to dive into your authenticity. It works through the Physical: To know the true origin of movement, the Emotional: To feel that every movement has an emotional response that can be identified, the Spiritual: To understand that dance is transcendent .

 Maria Sangiorgi is a Dance Movement Therapist and creator of Embodied Bellydance®. During her 23 year of teaching Bellydance and research into somatic movement practices she developed Embodied Bellydance®. It is now being embrace by bellydance students and teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of self as a whole. It is also frequented by Dance Movement Therapist who want to add more skills to their tool box.   She uses aspect of it in her therapeutic practice. As a Dance Movement Therapist Maria works with the physically and intellectually handicapped and homeless woman with mental health issues. She also facilitates Dance Journeys for the Awakening Heart, including SensingFeelingDancing the Chakras, and Women Dance Retreats. Maria has developed a passion for Continuum since being introduced to it 2 years ago. She also practices Esoteric Healing and is a massage therapist.

About the Workshop

This workshop revolves around the exploration of the Serpentine movements of the spine and  is aimed at both those who have never experienced this form of movement before, along with those who would like to deepen their practice of all forms of Oriental/Egyptian dance and other dance in general. Professional dancers and therapist welcomed!

Date and Time:

Friday 8th to 10th Nov 2013

4 pm to 8 pm Friday

9.30 am to 8 pm Saturday with a long lunch break from 1 to 4 pm

Sunday  9.30 to 2 pm


€240 whole weekend with accommodation

€140 workshop only

This included:

workshop + 2 night accommodation

All food (vegetarian) & beverages. from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon.

Workshop only €190 + Meals €15 each


La Ragola Country House and

Yoga Centre

Ostra, Ancona, Italy


La Ragola Country House and Yoga Centre

La Ragola is situated on the outskirts of the medieval town of Ostra on top of one of the famous rolling hills of le Marche. It offers picturesque view of the country side and Ostra and is 15 minutes from the beach.

Our welcoming host Anna Maria Poggelli will make sure that you are comfortable and feel at home www.ragola.it

 How to get there:

Nearest Airports: Ancona 1 hour away

Bologna 2 hours away

Rome and Milano aprox 4 hours away

Nearby train station Senigallia

Bus from senigallia to Ostra

Can arrange pick up from Senigallia

If you would like to stay longer at La Ragola to enjoy what that area has to offer the cost is €50 per night meals included.

It would also be worth you while to take a Gourmet food and wine tour which the region is famous for with local food and wine connoisseur Marco Candi

Workshop Contact & Booking

Maria Sangiorgi

+39 338 525 9255 (Italy)

Skype: mariasangiorgi