The Dance of the Sensual Soul

Awaken the Primordial Feminine principle within us all.

A Day of Deep Ritual and Sumptuous Dance for Woman and Men

Dance of the Sensual Soul came to Me as a gift from my exploration to the deep connection I have to Egyptian Dance and the time of Isis. This conection lives in my psyche. I can not give you names and dates, it is not conectte to any particular order or belief system. It simley is. Some things I have been told. I have been told that in one of my past lives the is relaveant to this life, I lived in Egypt in the desert and I bought to this life a love and passion for Music and dance and the wide saciousness of the desert. This came home to me when I first visited Egpyt in 2007. I am at home there, as if I know the place and it know me. I was also told I was a healer and took care of women and helped through all their rights of passage, again with dance and knowledge of healing magic.  In another life I was told I lost my right to give servies, it was taken from me like it was take form women and the Feminine. I was left behind and alone when the cities were buring. All these things I feel in my body as many women do. When I finaly went to Egyt I found Isis in a temple and I cried and yelled why did you leave me here.  All my life I had not felt a part of this world. Things happrend to me that caused me much pain. I was in an aliene palce up until a few years ago when I begen to intergrate the past present and future.  I am still a fragile sensetive person but I have skills that help me, they are Breath, imagination, creavity, movement and danc

The Dance of the Sensual Soul came to me when a group of women from an organisation called NEMEDA in rural Victoria asked me to facilitate a dance journey for them in 2000. They called it a Goddess Awakening Dance.  It felt like I had been waiting for this it was inevitable, as if I was being called. In preparation I began to make my tools.  I made a Dream Catcher and a Wand with almond wood adorned with precious stone.  I collected items for the altars representing the Elements and the Discretions. Off I went car full precious goods to this weekend of wonder. It was a great success, so on I journeyed.

I was very inspired Whilst working with women in my Egyptian Dance Classes. I observed many physical blockages, I felt there was a great need to open up to the powerful energy within and that held in the pelvic bowl. Through releasing these blockages women could reconnect to a primordial yearning in all of us to be free from the constraints of society that have affected the way we physically and spiritually move in the world. Off course we are attacect to what needs to be healed with in us. I was sexual abused as a child and continued to bring on abuse to myself. I understood the healing that I was going through as I worked my own story. Through the sharing of my gifts with other and through my own work with my teachers and healers. I have over come many obstacle. Dance has been at the centre of it all.

I facilitated these journey for number of the years for women only.  I have usually chose an auspicious time like a full, or dark moon and particularly eclipses.  I created a safe and nurturing space for women to explore their inner and outer dance and awaken the sensual goddess within. We shared ritual and meditation, sharing their experiences and their stories through the elements, directions, words, dance, music, pictures and sound.

Many men have requested to take part and up until now I have declined. The Dance of the Sensual Soul is now ready to embrace men. Time to share the growth of feminine energy in all. We need it as we move towards a restoration of the balance.

Diving deep into the womb of your creativity. Accesses the sensuality that lies within – your most intimate nature. Dance the wonderment of woman & men and the self. Find meaning in memories on a personal and collective level from this life and for lives previously lived.

A day of Deep Ritual, Meditation, Movement & Dance.

We use; Ritual, the energy of the Circle, the wisdom of the Elements and the Directions as a container for the work.

Dance of the Sensual Soul is a day to awaken the Feminine within….

Intuitive Movement Awareness, through the Chakras and Anatomy. Dancing the Inner Flute.

You will take part in a journey to the source of Egyptian Dance and

* Feel the primordial energy behind the navel.

* Create a relationship between your Physical, Spiritual and Etheric Body.

* Awaken the Mysteries of the Past.

The Dance of the Sensual Soul offers a seed from which your personal dance can grow, enriched by the experience. More importantly, it offers empowerment and healing. No technique or choreography is involved in this workshop.

• Workshop requirements

• The whole Workshop must go for at least 7 Consecutive hours. (with break inbetween)

• Can go for more than one day.

• Space must be clean and warm. No mirrors.

• Candles, incense, Soul Cards, word cards and other things to create an altars to the 4 directions, are all provided in an environment created for Ritual and the Journey.

You will need a pillow, rug, light lunch to share, a sacred object, a framed photo of your self and an offering.

• Notes provided.

Jane Leonard, Alice Springs;  with this work I had the chance to explore dancing from the heart in a comfortable and supportive and stimulating situation.

Lisa Craigen,  Geelong;  As far as informing  my Belly Dance, my dance is now coming form within. the anatomy in the workshop also benefited my dance. My pelvis is hanging, my hips are where they should be, my head is balanced. and My heart is more connected with my sensuality.

Alex Toyne,  Melbourne;  This work gave me faith in myself generally and in dance, precious methods to take with me anywhere. a realisation that dance as self expression reflects the person. An opportunity to face my own self-consciousness in self-expression. The work challenged me, it was a great success.

Name withheld;  My sensual response was to, unconsciously through my movements  removed negative forces, which inhabited my body. Then I felt the strength, the power inside me. Then my movements started being different. I consciously  created  my own story. I felt relieved.
I was the master of me.