The Divine Dance – Trance

The Divine Dance – Trance

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoin me in the sanctuary of dance and rhythm. Abandon yourself to an ecstatic trance state to bring harmony to your inner life.

Listen to your breath; hear the pulse of your heart as it pumps billions of blood cells through your veins. Follow the Beat of the drum.

Be guided towards Whiling as a Dervish woman; be taken as deeply into the Zaar trance state as you wish to journey. You will hear the divine and inspirational words or Rumi as you move in this sacred space.

Please wear comfortable lose clothing, perhaps something very special and flowing. Bring plenty of water and eat very little before you come.

Dance / Trance has been in my life since I was very young. You can read more about this journey and how it evolved into where I am tody in an article on my wedsite. This will also give you some information about Rumi and my love of Rumi as a poet and as the founder of the Whiling Dervishes.
I began dancing to devotional poetry in 1993. My first performance was with the late Adrian Rawlins at Mietta’s in Melbourne. We featured Rumi, Hafiz, Chandidas, and Ancient Egyptian Poetry to name a few. But Rumi is the one that touches me to my core. Perhaps it is because he was a Librans as I am and I understand his longing to unite. For a number of years now I have been a part of the Sanctuary Ensemble. This group of musician, dancers, singers have held a sacred space in churches halls and festivals locally and nationally, again featuring the words of Rumi, as poems and songs.