Serpentine Ritual Dance

Deep in our bellies lies the memory of Sacred Serpentine Power. In this dance ritual you will be guided on a journey that embraces the power of the belly and the Serpentine movements of the spine.

You will be invited to dance your physical, astral, mental and spiritual bodies. Like the serpent that finds the crack between the rocks and disappears into the darkness, you will be invited to slide through the layers from one energy field to the next. Dancing your breath, belly and spine, accessing the full potential of the fluid undulating movements of the spine, the physical powerhouse of Snake Energy. As the Snaking spine ripples and flows a river of energy though all of your joints and muscles, spiralling out from your core centre you will emerge out of the darkness of your inner journey, you will be invited to find you feet and dance in the new light of you.

This Serpentine Ritual Dance experience is for those who want to find the authenticity of self in their dance. This awareness connects to the whole self beyond just the physical, and the drills and technique.

Give meaning to the beauty and power of the snake movements of belly dance and truly embody Snake Energy. Your dance style and technique will be enriched, strengthen and supported by this deep connections to your essences and to the source of all that is.