Live Dance Journey 

10th May
10.00 – 11.30 am Melbourne Australia

 Open to no more than 12 participants 

When I first proposed this dance journey it was fundamentally a response to the fires that we were experiencing in Australia. We were worn out. Even those of us who were not directly impacted by the devastation and loss were affected. emotionally spiritually, physically, we grieve together as we witnessed the loss of lives, loves and homes, forests, animals and plant species. Our beautiful unique island home has been directly hit by this expression of Mother Earth as she adjusts to the constantly changing climate that has brought us here to this place.

Some days the air was thick with smoke in Melbourne even though the fires were not close. We were reminded of what was happening day in day out through much of the eastern side of the continent and afar. We have had the impact of Global Warming bought to the forefront of our psyche As the fires died down, people began to contemplate rebuilding their lives and the talk of real climate action was in the air. Then our of left field the Corona Virus, Covid 19 began to take shape. We watched it move through China then, Italy and then the rest of the world and us here.

Who could have ever imagined that a Virus would shut down the world. Never in our wildest dreams, maybe in the movies. My 86 year old mother does not leave house. She experienced the 2nd world war, bombs dropping around her, she keeps saying this is a war. She is feeling this, in her body.

But the war is not bombs.

More loss, lives, jobs, freedom, quality of life Luckily in Australia we can go walking in parks and around the neighbourhood. Sometime at 5pm I feel like I am in Italy, Australians seem to have taken to doing a pasegatta. We are doing what they can’t do in Italy, there is not walking allowed there.

So here with a booming flourishing life online. After some time sorting myself out and feeling overwhelmed by the situation in general and all the online activity and offerings, I am now ready to share the work

I invite you to meet with me ever second Sunday morning

Sensing Feeling Dancing what arrises in a bath of breath, movement, heart connectives, time, space, sound, colour and cellular awareness, through deep creative processes

The purpose of this dance is to find and create resources and tools that will help you navigate this time of great Change. To develop a sense of embodiment and sustainment as we move toward an ever changing unknown future.

How do we thrive in this strange and perplexing event with authenticity and vulnerability and keep our “SELF” in tact?

How do we maintain faith and hope and keep our hearts open?

Come Join Me!

 To access this Gift CONTACT ME

 love light and many bright blessings Maria