Dancing Isis Moves in me. Isis the queen, the mother, lives in the hearts of all of us in many faces, manifestation, and semblances. The time of Isis past revealed itself to me at Dendera the Temple of Hathor in Egypt in June 2007, but not in the temple itself. I was lead by a sister to go to the small temple behind the main temple, which is dedicated to Isis. As I made my way there a guide followed me. I was a bit bothered by him because as it is in Egypt everyone wants money or something, but it proved to be a blessing. The Door was locked and he had the key. He let me in and told me to place my hands in certain places, and then as if he knew why I was there, he left me alone and closed the door. I took the guides advises for a moment and closed my eyes. I let the stillness of the moments seep in; I then found a square stone and sat on it. In the quite semi dark of this ancient place, tears filled my eyes and from my heart I cried out. “Why did you leave me here?” This question was not new but the tense was different. All my life the questions had been “why am I here, who put me here, I just don’t belong?”  As I sobbed feelings of betrayal, of being left behind, alone. Paralleled the feeling of this life and feeling that I had of not belonging of being transported from another plant and dumped here, as did a number of my sisters who have similar stories to mine.

I lived in the times of Isis as Healer. I had many skill and gifts including dance. I was a teacher. I was brutally killed and my whole people were destroyed.  This is my linage this is what I carry with me now into the time. This pain that I had lived with all my mortal life, along with the pain of what had happened to me during this life and my ancestral pain now made sense.

When I began to teach Egyptian dance I had a felt sense of knowing beyond what I knew as my mortal self. I would begin to teach and my voice would speak words to the class about their bodies and how to move them. It was right to me it made sense, I would do what my voice said because my body new it too. But sometimes I would talk to the voice, “How do you know this, who do you think you are”. Years have now passed and we have integrated. My teachings; the voice of the past and the learning’s of now have integrated and we journey together.

Since my healing journey to Egypt my practice has grown.  Dance, is my primary healing practice, Embodied Bellydance, SensingFeelingDancing the Chakras, The Dance of the Sensual Soul, all the Dance journeys for the Awakening Heart . . . are supported by all the layers of time that are a part of me. My Bodywork, Massage, Esoteric healing all a part of me, Herbs oils, spices all a part of me healing, Music, song, sound, voice all a part of me. Art, Craft, Tarot, Astrology all a part of my healing story. And from this time I honour all the teacher and mentor who have taught me Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centring, Dance Movement Therapy, Esoteric Healing and so much more. I am blessed to have the love and support of so many wonderful beings.

What a gift, how grateful I am to be bless with so many skills and knowledge, What a gift that I can share what I know and that I have a deep desire to share all that I know and to be a part of the Healing Game. And what a gift that I want to keep knowing and growing myself.

And what a precious gift that I walk this earth with a group of sisters who are also are great healers. They share my path my healing story and they teach me so much. We are chapters in a great healing story. My sisters who danced with me in the times of Isis. My blessings and gratitude to all my students and journey dances over the years who have taught me so much who have shared their dance and stories with me both now and in those times. There are brothers to who I am also grateful too for they do carry the same story.

Blessed be to you all and those who are to come.