I offer a payment plan to those who feel that for some reason they are unable to pay the full amount at one time.

I acknowledge that :

You would like to attend a workshop, take classes or work with me one on one

You would benefit form paying in increments rather than a lump sum.

In taking up the plan I trust that you respect and adhere to the terms and conditions that are agreed upon.

Terms and Conditions of the Payment Plan

You will first pay the same nominated deposit for the class or event.
We negotiate how much you can pay and how often your installments will be paid: weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
The plan will begin as soon as the agreement is made.
The total amount will be paid before the commencement of the event
I will send you an invoice
If you have not paid before the commencement of event, you will not be able to participate and you will loose all that you have invested. (You will need to write to me if you have a good reason that you cannot pay and want to attend. We can reevaluate the situation)
You will manually or electronically sign a written agreement
If you pull out of the event the same general Cancelation Policy applies no matter what stage of the plan you are at.
The methods of payment: DIRECT DEBIT for Australians. PAYPAL for international participants.

Payment plans need to be honored and respected so the energy of good will keep flowing.


I am a small business – sole trader. I truly understand what it is like to have limited cash flow. I have been helped many times the same way that I am wanting to help you. I do not charge extra because you are not paying the full amount and I feel it is counterproductive to offer a payment plan for those in need then charge extra.

I ask that you please respect my position, your actions affect me directly, there is no corporation to buffer the effect of loss of income or the annoyance or being left in limbo and needing to chase you up for payment. It is a great waste of my time and unfair.

I wish to be respected as my wish is to respect you and to continue to offer the payment plan.