Embodying the Curve of a Raqs Sharqi Heart

Heart Curve 2011

Saturday July 9th
2 shows only
Doors open 5.10 for 5.30 pm performance
Doors open 7.40 for 8 pm performance

Rosina Auditorium, The Abbotsford Convent, Hellier St, Abbotsford

I ask myself why did I choose this dance, Raqs Sharqi* Bellydance as my form of movement expression?

I ask myself why did I go looking for the deeper meaning of this dance?

Why do I search for it in many other movement disciplines that have on the surface nothing to do with Bellydance?

I named my dance journey Embodied Bellydance™.

I am one who needs and wants to know everything.

This dance chose me. It took me in and gave me shelter.

It harbours my heart.

It remembers me as a timeless being,

it moves me through life time, through memories, through my healing journey. I feel joy when I dance.

I feel whole when I move – the curve, the spiral, the heart.

I feel complete when the whole of me is there, the whole of my body, the whole of my heart.

This Dance Art Theatre is a celebration of the essence of my Heart Dance.

Come with us on the journey through the curves and spirals that shape this dance of heart from the Heart to the Heart.

Two Shows ONLY

Tickets: Full $20 Concession $15 (when booking please indicate whether it is for 5.30 or 8 pm performance.


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Performers are:  Maria Sangiorgi, Allison Bartlett, Caroline Whitlock, Cassandra Longley, Cindy Hyde, Helen May Brown, Judith Kavermann, Sarah Epskamp
Also featuring Lloyd Smith in Ceremonial opening dance honoring the Wurundjeri people. He is joined by the Sussex Creative Dance group.

This Dance Art Theater Piece is a celebration of the essence of my Heart Dance. though this piece I honor all of those who have taught me, all the dancers I have danced and moved with. All of those who have believed in me and encouraged me.  In particular I dedicate this piece, to my Alexander Technique teacher, mentor, dance movement therapist and friend, Jane Refshauge, who never doubts me. Who constantly, all embracingly, reminds me of who I am when I doubt myself.

embodied in this dance, in our bodies as individuals and as a group

coming from the heart

the shape of the heart