As I move through my Saturn return, venturing towards 60, I personally feel it important to live an authentic life as possible. A part of this dance is honouring my sexuality and what it means to me. We humans sometimes get things a bit wrong, like the word ‘Sexy’. Who does this word belong to? When I was dreaming up the workshop I will be presenting, I shared the idea with a friend. She suggested that I not use the word ‘Sexy’ because she felt that the word was often used by men to objectify women and along with this goes a particular image that most women do not identify with.  I can totally understand this, it is essentially true. I kept pondering and reflecting. I want to present a workshop where all women feel special exactly how they are. To feel the inner fire in their belly and their sexual organs, to be able to feel and honour all body sensation, as something that is a naturally delicious expression first and fore most of and for themselves.

I decided to keep it. I want to claim Sexy as a word that can belong to women without any strings attached. Let go of what men think, say and do around this word and the subject. Feeling Sexy at Any Age Shape or Size for ourselves. As an aside, in Japan few women feel and relate to being sexy. Instead it is all about cuteness, the aim is to be cute.   This is sold to them daily in the media,  it is still the same story … just a different package.

I am an ambassador of the Body Image movement and I love being a part of it. There is a wonderful situation emerging, which is that, there are many more similar movements all around the world that are creating a wave of acceptance and looking at what makes us think or believe that we are not beautiful or sexy just the way we are.

Women. being embodied, gorgeous and free to express ourselves how we wish. To see the beauty in other women without fear and non-conditioned eyes.  Free to live our sexiness any way we want, not how it may be portrayed to us as a patriarchal construct, the media or convoluted social norms devised predominately to divide us and keep us busy with superficial thing.  These constructs keep us away from being more cohesive and robust both individually and as a collective.

So dear women, if one of both ( When Food is Love and Love is Food )  of these stories resonate with you please join me in these Dance Movement Therapy, Creative Arts, Ritual workshops

I welcome you to a safe space of no more than 8 women.