What we are looking for is the fluid relationship between the bones and the spaces in-between.

Our living bones are wet, flexible, and strong not dry and brittle as we may perceive. the are filled with the life force of marrow.

We are 70% – 80% water, bones in water full of water.

The knowing that it is the bones that shape us, when we focus on the bones the Muscles respond acrodingling, not the other way around.

Bones are our foundation. they represent earth, they are at one with Mother Earth. Remembering the bones is rememeber mother earth.

Remembering our bones creates graceful elegant, fluid movements. We feel the support as the bones of our feet spreading downwards into the earth. The feeling give us freedom and release, a feeling of when to be supported and when to let go, as we weave the Yin Yang story of the dance through our body.