Weekly Online Classes

Tuesday’s  weekly
Melbourne 6 – 7.30 pm
London  9 – 10.30 am
Friday’s Weekly
Melbourne  9.30 – 11 pm
Aukland  11.30 – 1 pm
which is Thursday’s in:
New York / Ottowa  7.30 – 9 pm
Miniapolis  6.30 – 8 pm
Los Angeles  4.30 – 6pm

Welcome to the world of embodiment throughout bellydance and the ancient wisdom of movement combined with modern somatic awareness and experientially anatomy.

If you have never experienced what my teaching is about and how it can benefit and enhance your movement quality thought the understand of the energetic patterns that exist in your body, all of life and the universe that the ancient people knew, then, come and try this introduction.

No previous experience is needed.

Long time students are also welcome.

If you are a dancer, bellydance teacher there is something her for you.
You will gain benefit both personally and professionally by attend my classes.

Payment Structure 

Pay what you can afford 

Australian dollars

$15 or  $23  or  $30