EBD summer intensive 2017 2Many of us practice, Yoga, Qigong and other directional life force energy system movement based physical practices. Many of these beautiful, poses, postures and movement gestures from these systems working through the Meridians, the Chakric system, Reflexology can easily over lap and marry the movement of Egyptian dance.

In this 5 day intensive we will be exploring these connections and creating our own energy dance. 

Combinations of movements in Egyptian dance give us a connection to Free Breath, Power, Grace, Peace, Stillness, Flow, Vitality, Ease, Dynamism, Kinesthetic Sense, Somatic Awareness and equilibrium.  We are connected to Heaven and Earth and the Masculine and Feminine.

How can we feel and experience the sacredness and spirituality of our dance through this union or through the recognition of what is and has been present in the dance for 1000’s of years?

How can we make this presence more conscious in our dance?

During the 5 days we will consider the marriage of Energy Movement Systems to Egyptian Dance and feel the depth of what is created. Through this journey each person will create and document their own personal self perpetuated energy dance.  We will work with traditional and non traditional to create our personal and community dances. This self perpetuated choreography will eventually culminate as a performance piece.

All Level of ability and dance genera welcome!

The 5 days will weave in and out of the Embodied Bellydance® Framework listed bellow. As usual on day 4 and 5 we will being the Participant Dance Presentation Every year this aspect of the intensive becomes expansively meaningful to me and to regular participants.  

Join me on this 5 day journey of revelation and transformation. Returning always to the essence beauty and form  of Egyptian dance and all that it has to offer,to all genre a dance and movement. Weather you are professional or have no dance experience. I work in a way that give everyone what then need.