Dancing Isis is a name that came to me many many years ago, as the dance stated downloading.  I was learning the art of Egyptian Dance, the dance that found me. Before this I danced where the music lead me andI still do.  I danced to let go, because I was happy or sad.  Dance was a safe place to abandon myself and it still is. If you value dance and movement as a way to go deep inside self, will find many journeys and stories here on this pages.   

Here is the Dancing Isis Dance Poem

The patterns rise up through the darkness of the earth
through the layers of time
to ignite the bones of my feet

Feet begin to pulse
patterns spiralling through the spaces
between the bone

The balls of my feet undulate
as my ankles fold to my breath

Breath filters out though my soft open mouth
at the speed of mist
nostrils flare
to give me air

My breath and my knees are one

Knees and breath  soften my body
feeding the flowing blood in my veins
my knees move bobbing like boys on a gentle ocean

My thighs strong and soft
take the earth through their bones
feet grown tentacles
drawn to the core of mother earth

Molten lava climbs up
kindling my feet

climbs through my legs
erupts in my groin

Spreading from hip joint to hip joint
meeting in the darkness of my womb
the weight of my glowing womb
sways with my breath
the balls of my feet
my knees

The lava red hot bubbling
rising up and up
rocking  swaying  shaking

Belly swells and recoils to the rhythm
my belly caries my sacrum like a sleeping child
innocent and wise
forward and back
side to side
round and round

The shapes of life
behind my navel

My spine snakes up
spirals and weaves the fabric of our existence
our DNA manifested expanding into space
as the spine coils and uncoils
from my tail bone to the base of my skull
echoing my breath
moving to my heart beat

My heart expands through my armpits
my shoulder joints float up
carrying my arms towards the moon
my heart radiates from the palms of my hands
beams of love
pierce the universe
and touch your heart

My heart sings
sending waves though my spine
a flush across my sternum
radiates to my eyes
into my belly
to my groin
ripple to the top of my head
and out into the universe
spreading across the soles of my feet

My arms rising and falling anchored to my heart
in tune with my lungs and the bones of my ribs

Arms tracing my form
hands giving receiving giving
tracing my form
tracing time
expressing my soul
giving receiving

My throat widens and expands into my face
my face makes a path to my feet
my tongue kisses my lips
falling to the floor of my mouth
rising to meet my teeth

My throat making spirals expanding into universal consciousness
my eyes remember why I am here
dark eyes piercing through illusions

I am all of  me
I dance the dance of the universal song
I dance so you can dance with me

Dancing Isis dance with me
for we are all of one 
I dance with you
I dance for you
Dancing Isis Dance