This is available to 1 person each workshop or intensive.  This means that you can attend the workshop without payment. 

Applying for a Scholarship

  1. Tell me your name, Date and place of birth and if possible time of birth
  2. Tell me a bit about your dance/movement background. There is no importance given to weather you have a dance/movement background or not as to weather you get the scholarship.
  3. What are your interests and philosophies
  4. What is your interest in dance and movement.
  5. What do you believe the workshop has to offer you.
  6. Without going into great detail tell me a bit about your financial life.  Preference is given to those that struggling financially and are passionate about attending the workshop or Intensive.

If your application is successful a couple of conditions apply:

  1. Write at a minimum of one page about your experience.
  2. Help me and the assistant when needed. This will not be a lot and and will not take away from your leaning experience.

Please send a written application as an attachment using Word or a PDF, via email.

send to  I will confirm that I have received your application. If you don’t hear from me It will mean that I did not receive your email. Please send me a message via the contact page of this site.