Embodied Bellydance® Intensive 2015

Embodied Bellydance® Intensive 2015

P1110513Sacredness of the Figure 8

After deep reflection this years theme will be the Sacredness of the Figure 8. We will explore the multi-dimensionality of the figure 8 and it infinite energetic quality. Vertically – connecting Earth and Heaven, Horizontally – connecting the Feminine and Masculine and Sagittally – moving us forward and back through through space, and time.  The Navel hold the centre we fall up and down and side to side.  Falling, yielding, releasing, letting go, enables to come back up to reinvent ourselves to begin again.  Always beginning with the breath and the wave – fluidity in expansion, looking for the weight. 

Date: 17th to 21st January 2015

Time: 9.30 am to 5.30 daily

Place: Dorm 1 Rosina Building,  Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia

Cost:  $550 – weekend only $250                   Deposit of  $150 is required  to secure place. Total Due 1st December.   As usual an instalment plans is available on request

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Accommodation for interstate and international students  and Transport options 

Melbourne Summer Intensives are a place to really get to know yourself, your body and your dance.

It is a unique approach and I know because my student tell me.  Follow the links to the Testimonials and Workshop Insights and read what participants have to say after and have experienced during the workshop. It is also an opportunity to make new friends who share this journey with Summer intensive 2014you.  To explore where you maybe  have never been before – change old patterns that are no longer useful or that have hampered your growth as a person or a dancer. This experience is really open to anyone and everyone

Bali Sacred Dance Retreat – May 3 – 8  2015

Bali Sacred Dance Retreat – May 3 – 8 2015

Dancing the Sacred Wheel of Life

with Tricia mary Lee and Maria Sangiorgi

This retreat brings together three things which we love and have found to be of value in our own “Wheel of Life” journey and which we warmly invite you to share with us and to celebrate on Mount Batukaru at the Bali Mountain Retreat.

  • To dance in a Sacred way is to enter into a communion of heart, mind, body and soul
  • To retreat invites a safe inner space for contemplation, revelation, transformation and illumination
  • To be in Bali, is to enter a place of beauty which is honoured and Blessed in the Sacred traditions of that culture.

As we gather so we dance and form a Sacred Circle for our days together and beyond. Through this we pledge a safe and confidential “container” for our dance retreat journey. Journalling your inner dance will be an ongoing part of each day. We have a basic plan for the week but will respond also to you, your experience and what you bring as well as what we as a group can share.

As a guide however we suggest :

  • Each day we will start with a circle of Sacred Body Blessings, Mantras and Movement Rituals
  • After a delicious breakfast we will begin to explore and enjoy the different facets of Sacred Dance and our own selves
  • Daily Dance sessions
  • Tricia offers the Dance of the Breath, the Dance of the hands and feet, the Dance of Silence and Stillness, Circle and Veil dancing as well as creative choreography for your own Sacred Dance
  • Maria offers Embodied Dance, dancing the Sacred Spiral which connects us all as well as Circle dances and a wealth of experience in Movement therapy and choreography.
  • Lunch will be prepared for us and afterwards there will be time for quiet reflection, meditation or art journalling.
  • In the afternoons you will have time to work on your own “Sacred Soul dance” in line with the poem, story, prayer, song or piece of music which you have brought along from home. Maria and Tricia will be available for guidance and assistance as required
  • We will also create time for you to share your gifts in Sacred dance and movement if you so wish
  • Art journalling
  • Our visit to the Temple and Priestess Blessing we hope to organise for the Monday which will be full moon day, a time of Sacred celebration in Bali
  • The Local dance and music group will be on an evening as will the Fire ceremony to Saraswati
  • Your massage will be by appointment and the Cooking or make a Blessing class will be woven into the week’s schedule
  • We will hold our Closing Dance Ceremony on the Friday morning with a Spiral dance and other selected pieces before we have lunch and depart for Ubud or further afield.
Please note

You do not have to be a “performance or professional” dancer to share this retreat, you just need to be a woman who is ready and wants to explore and enjoy dance as a part of her spiritual self.

Embodying the Feminine Women’s Retreat, March 3 – 5 2015

Embodying the Feminine Women’s Retreat, March 3 – 5 2015

with Psychologist Denise Greenaway and Dance Movement Therapist Maria Sangiorgi

North Stradbroke Island QLD

Moon on the full : March 3, 4, 5, 2015

Freahwater swimming

Look up, my people, The dawn is breaking The world is waking To a bright new day (Kath Walker) Oodgeroo of the Noonuckle tribe, Stradbroke




Beach Yoga with Island woman, Linda Rago


DeniseShared accommodation, workshops, dinners and farewell breakfast

$950 early bird to be paid in full end Oct $1050 full price due Jan 1

Deposit now: ($450) to ensure your place

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PercepireSentireDanzare i Chakra

PercepireSentireDanzare i Chakra

Percorso esperienziale in sette sessioni

6 Inner Trance Ajana dance low res 13:11:12Un invito a prendere parte a un percorso di sette incontri di Danza Movimento Terapia in cui “viaggeremo” attraverso i Chakra.
I Chakra non sono un concetto astratto, ma qualcosa di reale e concreto. Sono strumenti molto pratici per l’esplorazione di sé, utili per una conoscenza personale, e anche come possibilità terapeutica.Prendendo in considerazione ciò che la ricercatrice Candace Pert ha scoperto che i neuropeptidi sono molecole di emozioni.
La nostra salute è modulata dalle informazioni che si presentano come pensieri-emozioni che viaggiano in noi “a bordo” dei neuropeptidi.
I Chakra sono direttamente coinvolti nella trasmissione di queste informazioni e dunque sono una parte intrinseca e fondamentale del meccanismo di guarigione.L’intervento dei Chakra è olistico, essi promuovono processi di cambiamento su tutti i piani dell’essere, fisico, emotivo, mentale e spirituale. Io ho sperimentato questo personalmente.
Attraverso la Danza Movimento si disegnano curve, onde, spirali della colonna vertebrale e si attivano movimenti che si irradiano in tutto il corpo. Aprendosi a uno stato di coscienza interiore, si mettono in connessione i Chakra e ciò fa emergere le emozioni che la nostra mente può osservare e conoscere, offrendoci così un’occasione di crescita
Alcuni degli strumenti che saranno utilizzati in questo percorso :
Meditazione Guidata e visualizzazione dei Chakra come veicolo per esplorare la connessione tra il mondo fisico, emotivo, mentale e spirituale.
Tecnica Alexander per sciogliere muscoli e articolazioni della colonna vertebrale, liberando le vie di collegamento tra i centri energetici e consentendo così alla danza di promuovere la pulizia e il rafforzamento dei Chakra.
Ricerca dell’espressione di ogni Chakra e del nostro rapporto con essi, lavorando sul collegamento tra i Chakra e i sette segmenti individuati da Reich.
Danzare i Chakra comporta un’esplorazione libera attraverso la danza. Noi entriamo nella danza, e la danza entra in noi, il resto della nostra vita rimane fuori; siamo lì solo per noi stessi, senza alcuna responsabilità verso gli altri, balliamo con l’unica intenzione di accogliere il dono che ogni Chakra ci dà.
La danza ci porterà a incontrare sensazioni ed emozioni, forse anche quelle negative, oppure aperture a grandi consapevolezze e stati di coscienza… ballando avremo la possibilità di incontrare tutto ciò e di integrarlo ad un altro livello. Subito dopo il ballo si disegna o si scrive per aiutare ciò che emerge dalla danza e può prendere altre forme, immagini o parole.
La prima e l’ultima sessione saranno più lunghe, poiché nella prima verranno impostate le basi di tutto il corso e nell’ultima vi sarà la conclusione del nostro viaggio, attraverso la riflessione su ciò che sarà emerso nel percorso
La prima sessione di domenica 21 settembre inizierà alle 9 e terminerà 14.30 con una breve pausa. L’ultima sessione di domenica 14 dicembre terminerà alle 17.30
1° inc.: 21 settembre – 8,45 -14,30
2° inc.: 5 ottobre – 8,45 -13,00
3° inc.: 19 ottobre – 8,45 -13,00
4° inc.: 2 novembre – 8,45 -13,00
5° inc. 16 novembre – 8,45 -13,00
6° inc.: 30 novembre – 8,45 -13,00
7° inc.: 14 dicembre – 8,45 -17,30
Si prega di arrivare alle 8.45 per iniziare puntualmente alle 9.
Si consiglia di frequentare tutte e sette le sessioni, in particolare la prima.
Se non fosse possibile partecipare ad alcuni incontri, sono disponibile ad effettuare delle sessioni di recupero private. Il contributo per la prima e l’ultima sessione è di €60,00 ciascuna; per tutte le altre €50,00 ciascuna. Per chi versa all’inizio del percorso il contributo per tutti gli incontri è di €350,00.
Sanctuary – A day of gifts

Sanctuary – A day of gifts

Sanctuary was created by myself and Ngame Grezesik a great songstress and kind and inspirational soul.  From the workshops came the Sanctuary Ensemble. We would run the workshop during the day in the Northcote Uniting Church and end the a concert. Sadly Ngame decided that living on this earth was to much for her, so she left before her 50th birthday.  I should have know she want to go to the other side most of the songs she wrote were telling us. She had a great gift, she gave with all her heart and she could get everyone singing like angels.
Sanctuary Sept 10th  05

Heart Curve

Heart Curve

Embodying the Curve of a Raqs Sharqi Heart

Heart Curve 2011

Saturday July 9th
2 shows only
Doors open 5.10 for 5.30 pm performance
Doors open 7.40 for 8 pm performance

Rosina Auditorium, The Abbotsford Convent, Hellier St, Abbotsford

I ask myself why did I choose this dance, Raqs Sharqi* Bellydance as my form of movement expression?

I ask myself why did I go looking for the deeper meaning of this dance?

Why do I search for it in many other movement disciplines that have on the surface nothing to do with Bellydance?

I named my dance journey Embodied Bellydance™.

I am one who needs and wants to know everything.

This dance chose me. It took me in and gave me shelter.

It harbours my heart.

It remembers me as a timeless being,

it moves me through life time, through memories, through my healing journey. I feel joy when I dance.

I feel whole when I move – the curve, the spiral, the heart.

I feel complete when the whole of me is there, the whole of my body, the whole of my heart.

This Dance Art Theatre is a celebration of the essence of my Heart Dance.

Come with us on the journey through the curves and spirals that shape this dance of heart from the Heart to the Heart.

Two Shows ONLY

Tickets: Full $20 Concession $15 (when booking please indicate whether it is for 5.30 or 8 pm performance.


Payment Options


Performers are:  Maria Sangiorgi, Allison Bartlett, Caroline Whitlock, Cassandra Longley, Cindy Hyde, Helen May Brown, Judith Kavermann, Sarah Epskamp
Also featuring Lloyd Smith in Ceremonial opening dance honoring the Wurundjeri people. He is joined by the Sussex Creative Dance group.

This Dance Art Theater Piece is a celebration of the essence of my Heart Dance. though this piece I honor all of those who have taught me, all the dancers I have danced and moved with. All of those who have believed in me and encouraged me.  In particular I dedicate this piece, to my Alexander Technique teacher, mentor, dance movement therapist and friend, Jane Refshauge, who never doubts me. Who constantly, all embracingly, reminds me of who I am when I doubt myself.

embodied in this dance, in our bodies as individuals and as a group

coming from the heart

the shape of the heart