Bali workhop 2016

DATES : Monday May 16th to Sunday May 22nd 2016

VENUE : Bali Mountain Retreat, Mount Batukaru, Tabanan, Bali
Registration : Expressions of Interest

The Retreat of Many Blessings

“ When you discover Bali, it is as if your Soul awakens to an ancient part of her deep feminine self that has been long forgotten or neglected. She breathes in fragrance and beauty, touches you with tenderness, serenades you to soften and surrender then dances with you in delight. ‘Welcome Home’ she says.” Tricia mary Lee.

You are invited to join Sacred Dancers from around the World and to take time to share and learn how to relax, to release and to revitalize through the Sacred Movement Arts.

It is a time for gentle, moving, rediscovery of, and connection with, your Sacred self.

This year our special focus is on dancing from our Lotus Heart chakra in order to enrich your personal sense of love, compassion and beauty for all areas of your life, which then dances into your community and into our World.

We have daily Sacred Dance sessions [ led by Tricia and Maria] and also allow time for quiet reflection, journaling and local exploration.

The weaving and sharing as each dancer brings her gifts adds a wonderful richness which blesses us further in our own Sacred Dance practice.

Our Bali Mountain Retreat Venue is intimate and caring with beautiful food and comfortable accommodation.

The week is especially rich in cultural immersion and there are daily awakenings of the soul almost as if she recognizes different dimensions of her being.

This is your unique opportunity to experience the living Sacred culture of Bali, where dance is still honoured as a regular part of Temple life and beauty and fragrance are a part of daily living.

The Goddess Saraswati and Quan Yin are especially revered in Bali and we invite their provenance and guidance whilst on the Mountain.

Our visit to the Temple at Sarin Buena for the Full Moon Festival of Odelan is a rare privilege that we are welcomed to share with the Batukaru people.

We also trek to the local temple at Muncak Sari for a personal prayer and Blessing Ceremony from the Priests and Priestesses, a deeply moving Ceremony in the open air temple.

We have a wonderful evening of music and dance with a local Gamelan orchestra and dancers from the village.

Another evening we share a powerful Fire Ceremony dedicated to Saraswati for cleansing and purification.

In addition we can learn from the Balinese how to make offerings and also cook some Balinese food.

After the Retreat we can guide you in Ubud to experience more of this dynamic fusion of ancient and modern Sacred culture, which has to include shopping at the Markets for clothes, visits to galleries and an invitation to share dance at “Yayasan Widya Guna” [ a small school community for disadvantaged children]. BSDR also donates in support of this Charity.

“Dance your Blessings, Bless your Dance” and join us in Bali 2016

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