Embodied Bellydance®

The Somatic & Sacred, Inner & Outer Expression of an Ancient Dance in a Modern World
Embodied bellydance® was born out of my personal journey through Egyptian dance that began 30 years ago. As I began to explore the fundamentals of Egyptian dance I felt an instant feeling of belonging. The belonging was of something most ancient, profound and wise. This feeling progressed to a curiosity for the connection the dance held to the spiralling flow of nature, life and the universe. It also spoke of the interconnectedness of the masculine and feminine energy through shape and form and the harmonic correlation to music.

As I journeyed on, I immersed myself in the study of various somatic movement methods that aligned perfectly with the essence of this dance. I also explored the therapeutic value through years of teaching Egyptian Dance and witnessing the effect the dance had on participants of my Dance Movement Therapy groups.

To be embodied in this dance is to be whole. It weaves a story throughout the fluids, connective tissue and spine. The energy and directions radiate out and back via the navel in all directions to all parts of the body. It take from the culture of it origin a joy and respect for life.

Embodied Bellydance® Intensives are designed to serve all levels and abilities of dance. Beginning with those who wish to explore this dance as a philosophy, to professional dancers with their own method who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Embodied Bellydance® can inform and give benefit to all styles and genre of dance.
Embodied Bellydance® asks you to dive into your authenticity. It works through the Physical; to know the true origin of movement, the Emotional; to feel that every movement has an emotional response that can be identified, the Spiritual; to understand that dance is transcendent – to become conscious of things that are unconscious.

Embodied Bellydance® is an essential foundation for bellydancers of any genre.

For those who are professional dancers and teachers most of us know what it’s like to feel stiff in our movements. Some days you just can’t flow from one movement to the next. Other days you can’t hit good strong accents. Improvisation is a scary prospect for many dancers and performing can be very confronting. As for shimmies – well sometimes they just go missing! If any of these sound familiar for you or your students, then you must explore Embodied Bellydance®.

Embodied Bellydance® is an essential foundation for bellydancers and dancers of any genre. Through visualization and an insight into the workings of the body as a whole system, participants are taken on a journey to find the true source of movement. The result is effortless, integrated and dynamic dance. By creating an awareness of this richness, beauty, truth and harmony you will dance from your Authentic Embodied Self.

Embodied Bellydance® give you tools that you can apply to all aspects of your dance and daily life.

Life is a dance, when we can really bring the two together, the molecules inside us begin to change, our breath begins to change and our awareness is heighten so that we always have access to the place of NOW, in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Bodies.

Embodied Bellydance® is a healing dance.
When Food is Love and Love is Food

When Food is Love and Love is Food

We are multidimensional people, a “community of selves” (Glen Ochre). These selves are facets of us that at times are in harmony and other time in conflict. It does not matter, they are all valid and a deep part of us, even the ones that constantly create havoc are valid. It is possible that their behaviour is no longer needed, but, for some reason it continues to show itself. It takes a lot of time compassion and patients to allow the voice of the conflictual one to be still.  In this workshop “When food is love and love is food”, we look at the voices that want to eat in a way that creates havoc and sends all the selves into disarray. You could be the CEO of the successful company, a fabulous mother, run you own business, loved and admired by friends and community, an inspirational teacher, a brilliant and successful therapist in high demand. At the same time in your brilliance you could also be  a compulsive eater, food addict, bulimic, obese, anorexia or a binge eater or some of all.

We are plagued by these voices that at times isolate and diminish us, that lead us down a dark hole of remoteness, deep sadness and self loathing.

I am one of these people.

I am well aware these are labels and labels are not always good, but for me they help me to identify a particular behaviour, not the person themselves or myself,  I have lived with the voice of a compulsive over eater, food addict, binge eater, for nearly as long as I have been alive and that is a long time. Through much therapy, face to face and online, self-help programs, lots of research, every book you can imagine, some brilliant some not so good and a lots of personal work and deep souls searching and sharing my story with others who have similare stories,  I have come to a place where I have just about leant to accept myself as I am.

I understand, how it began and why.

I understand that for very good reasons food became my best friend. Easy to access, full of feel good endorphins, just a hand reach away.  I can accept that I have a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t all fit me, that did fit me, that sometimes fit, that may never fit me again.  I have accepted that eating is a metaphor, for how I am feeling and what I am needing. I have learnt that I am not the food or the over eater. I have nearly accepted my body shape, particularly my belly with all the social implication that it represents. Mostly I have learnt that many like me, whether we over eat or under eat, it is about love. Food is Love and Love is Food, it’s a simple as that . . . but not so simple. For most of us we were simply not loved properly, not enough hugs and cuddles. We were neglected and abused, we were invisible, lonely and misunderstood. Or your reason could be different, but I am pretty sure that love is the key.

Journey with me softly as we embark together on this very delicate subject, sharing our stories, through dance, movement, spoken and written word, drawing and ritual.

So dear women, if one of both ( Feeling Sexy at any Age Shape or Size )  of these stories resonate with you please join me in these Dance Movement Therapy, Creative Arts, Ritual workshops

welcome you to a safe space of no more than 8 women.

Feeling Sexy at any Age Shape or Size

Feeling Sexy at any Age Shape or Size

As I move through my Saturn return, venturing towards 60, I personally feel it important to live an authentic life as possible. A part of this dance is honouring my sexuality and what it means to me. We humans sometimes get things a bit wrong, like the word ‘Sexy’. Who does this word belong to? When I was dreaming up the workshop I will be presenting, I shared the idea with a friend. She suggested that I not use the word ‘Sexy’ because she felt that the word was often used by men to objectify women and along with this goes a particular image that most women do not identify with.  I can totally understand this, it is essentially true. I kept pondering and reflecting. I want to present a workshop where all women feel special exactly how they are. To feel the inner fire in their belly and their sexual organs, to be able to feel and honour all body sensation, as something that is a naturally delicious expression first and fore most of and for themselves.

I decided to keep it. I want to claim Sexy as a word that can belong to women without any strings attached. Let go of what men think, say and do around this word and the subject. Feeling Sexy at Any Age Shape or Size for ourselves. As an aside, in Japan few women feel and relate to being sexy. Instead it is all about cuteness, the aim is to be cute.   This is sold to them daily in the media,  it is still the same story … just a different package.

I am an ambassador of the Body Image movement and I love being a part of it. There is a wonderful situation emerging, which is that, there are many more similar movements all around the world that are creating a wave of acceptance and looking at what makes us think or believe that we are not beautiful or sexy just the way we are.

Women. being embodied, gorgeous and free to express ourselves how we wish. To see the beauty in other women without fear and non-conditioned eyes.  Free to live our sexiness any way we want, not how it may be portrayed to us as a patriarchal construct, the media or convoluted social norms devised predominately to divide us and keep us busy with superficial thing.  These constructs keep us away from being more cohesive and robust both individually and as a collective.

So dear women, if one of both ( When Food is Love and Love is Food )  of these stories resonate with you please join me in these Dance Movement Therapy, Creative Arts, Ritual workshops

I welcome you to a safe space of no more than 8 women.


Authentic Movement & SensingFeelingDancing 

Authentic Movement & SensingFeelingDancing 

Date: Friday’s from October 13th to November 3rd
Time: 7 – 9.30 pm
Place: Inner Movement Centre, 32 Lower Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe
Through Authentic Movement, in the dialogue between the Mover and the Witness, we reside in the active stillness of the body, listening to sensations, feelings, thoughts, emotions.  Here lies is the potential to bring one to a place of vulnerability and truth. 
The Mover emboldens the Inner Witness from a mindful, aware, sensory, embodied, place. Allowing the self to move and be moved, from the deeply blessed purity of one’s existence. This act of perpetuating self-knowledge can be a catalyst towards clarity, understanding and freedom. 
From the silent practice of Authentic Movement, we will move into SensingfeelingDancing, journeying, through the changing moods, rhythms, styles of music from all over the globe. 
This 4 week Authentic Movement and dance practice including writing and drawing
Cost $100 for 4 sessions.  $30 casual
Sacred Women Sacred Dance Retreat 2017

Sacred Women Sacred Dance Retreat 2017

October 1st to 7th, 2017

Join Tricia Mary Lee and Maria Sangiorgi, Members of The Sacred Dance Guild, as they facilitate the dance of Being a Sacred Woman in the great accelerated moment in “Herstory” of the Feminine, all of Humankind and of Mother Earth.

To Dance, in a Sacred way is to enter into a communion of heart, mind, body and soul.

To Retreat, invites a safe inner space for contemplation, revelation, transformation and illumination.

To be in Bali, is to enter a place of beauty which is honoured and Blessed in the Sacred traditions of that culture.

This year we will weave our daily dance into rituals for our personal spiritual practice. As Sacred Women we will create our own inspirational movements to express our communion with all that is Sacred in our world. Honouring our inner feminine power, we will bring forward dances for the phases of the moon, for our role as creators, for our emotional connections with the oceans and the tides and for our strength and vulnerability as beings of compassion.

We will share, we will explore, we will grow and we will celebrate together our vital role as Sacred Dancers from all corners of this beautiful Earth of ours.

“Barefoot, Blessed and Beautiful” 

 Come dance with us!

Costs and Deposit payable via link to SDG web site

 SDG Members : US $1,240 , Non members : US $1,300 to include membership for the year

Deposit of $340 secures your place. Balance due in August.

Inclusive Package at our beautiful venue : Bali Mountain Retreat

To join us in our Retreat of October 1st to 7th, 2017, Register here

This includes accommodation in twin share rooms with en suite, all vegetarian meals [ meat available with extra daily surcharge payable to Retreat at end of stay], your transport to and from the Retreat either at Denpasar Airport or Ubud,  and all cultural activities [See Below]

The rich cultural part of our stay at Bali Mountain Retreat includes :

  • A glorious evening of local music and dance : the ‘Joged Bumbung’ with 20 piece Gamelan Orchestra
  • A ‘Havan’ Fire Ceremony of purification and release dedicated to Saraswati, Goddess of Learning and the Arts
  • A Relaxation Massage
  • A guided Forest Trek to the Temple at Muncak Sari and Blessing by local Priest / Priestess
  • A Balinese cooking class with the wonderful staff
  • A class in making the hand woven offerings and blessings used daily in Bali
  • A visit to the Temple at Sarin Buena for Full Moon Ceremony with the local village people.

Step by step, breath by breath, heartbeat to heartbeat, sole to soul, we are dancing for health, for happiness, for harmony.
“Dancing the Sacred, Moving the World”

We thank the Sacred Dance Guild for their sponsorship, support and collaboration