The SELF in a Climate of Great Change

The SELF in a Climate of Great Change

Dear People

Bob Dylan wrote the song “Times they are a-changing”  57 years ago. At that time it was to do with social and political change. Could he have imagined that at the bed rock of our existence, Mother Earth and all sentient beings would be facing this great existential turning point.  

We in Austraia have had the impact of Global Warming bought to the forefront of our psyche. 

For those not directly affected by the fires and floods, we grieve together as we have witnessed the loss of lives, loves and homes. forests, animal and plant species. Our beautiful unique island home has been directly hit by this expression of Mother Earth as the whole world watches. The magnitude of what has happened here, potentially will happen everywhere. 

We are digesting all of this
We are coming to terms with many things

I personally in my heart of heart believed that humanity has the ability to make the change towards a better world. To make this reshaping we must be prepared to ride out the transfiguration

I believe that good will prevail. 

I believe and know that there are many people on the planet who believe in and are working for this. These beings are not in the media, (well actually some are now) you may not even be aware of who they are.  There are a great many groups and organisation working on the matrix of Good Will with Intention, Pray, Meditation, Creative Gestures and Non Invasive Action.  Google will help you find them 

You may be asking your self:

  • Who can I trust or believe?  
  • Have I been cheated?  
  • Why would humans do this to each other? 
  • What can I do?
  • What about my kids?

How do we navigate these traumatic events with authenticity and vulnerability and keep our “SELF” in tact?
How do we maintain faith and hope and trust and keep our hearts open?

I invite you to join me in a dance of PERSONAL ACTION in the company of others. 

Hobart Dance 21 & 22 March 2020

There will be one in Italy in July.

Sensing Feeling Dancing SELF in a Climate of Great Change

Sensing Feeling Dancing SELF in a Climate of Great Change

When I first proposed this dance journey it was fundamentally a response to the fires that we were experiencing in Australia. We were worn out. Even those of us who were not directly impacted by the devastation and loss were affected. emotionally spiritually, physically, we grieve together as we witnessed the loss of lives, loves and homes, forests, animals and plant species. Our beautiful unique island home has been directly hit by this expression of Mother Earth as she adjusts to the constantly changing climate that has brought us here to this place.


Some days the air was thick with smoke in Melbourne even though the fires were not close. We were reminded of what was happening day in day out through much of the eastern side of the continent and afar. We have had the impact of Global Warming bought to the forefront of our psyche As the fires died down, people began to contemplate rebuilding their lives and the talk of real climate action was in the air. Then our of left field the Corona Virus, Covid 19 began to take shape. We watched it move through China then, Italy and then the rest of the world and us here.


Who could have ever imagined that a Virus would shut down the world. Never in our wildest dreams, maybe in the movies. My 86 year old mother does not leave house. She experienced the 2nd world war, bombs dropping around her, she keeps saying this is a war. She is feeling this, in her body.


But the war is not bombs.


More loss, lives, jobs, freedom, quality of life Luckily in Australia we can go walking in parks and around the neighbourhood. Sometime at 5pm I feel like I am in Italy, Australians seem to have taken to doing a pasegatta. We are doing what they can’t do in Italy, there is not walking allowed there.


So here with a booming flourishing life online. After some time sorting myself out and feeling overwhelmed by the situation in general and all the online activity and offerings, I am now ready to share the work


Sensing Feeling Dancing what arrises in a bath of breath, movement, heart connectives, time, space, sound, colour and cellular awareness, through deep creative processes


The purpose of this dance is to find and create resources and tools that will help you navigate this time of great Change. To develop a sense of embodiment and sustainment as we move toward an ever changing unknown future.


How do we thrive in this strange and perplexing event with authenticity and vulnerability and keep our “SELF” in tact?


How do we maintain faith and hope and keep our hearts open?


Come Join Me!

    Bali Sacred Dance Retreat “Grandmother Wisdom Comes Dancing”

    Bali Sacred Dance Retreat “Grandmother Wisdom Comes Dancing”


    Bali Sacred Dance Retreat 2020 Grandmother Wisdom Comes Dancing May 3rd to 9th



    From Menopause, through to Muse and finally into The Great Mystery



    May 22 – 28 2021 


    Facilitators: Patricia Mary Lee & Maria Sangiorgi 


    Come gift yourself with this deeply nourishing time for Inspiration, Transformation and Celebration at beautiful Bali Mountain Retreat 


    Value Package includes :
    • Twin share en suite accomodation and all meals
    • Daily Sacred Dance sessions
    • Evening of Balinese dance and gamelan music
    • Full Moon Ceremony at Sarin Buena Temple in full Balinese costume • Fire Ceremony and dance evening
    • Cultural Classes : Offerings / cooking/ language
    • Trek to and Blessings at Muncak Sari Temple
    • Transport to and from Ubud / Airport
    • Free Massage treatment session 


    “I had the immense pleasure of participating in the Sacred Women, Sacred Dance retreat in Bali in the fall of 2017. How do I put into words an experience that is beyond words? It was first and foremost deeply transformative on every level – body, mind and soul … connection to community, culture, nature and spirit. This experience literally blew my heart and soul wide open. I had never before felt so loved, loveable, and loving. I cried many many tears of pure joy. I had also never before felt my movement/dance more authentic, inspired and beautiful. I opened to flow …in my body, in community and in nature. And our amazing facilitators, Tricia Mary Lee and Maria Sangiorgi, choreographed this incredible journey with their unique and personal grace, wisdom, love and beauty. The retreat was exquisitely designed to open us to the special beauty and wonder of being women, and yet felt utterly organic. Every detail, and there were so many, flowed in a way that left me feeling completely cared for and therefore able to let go with trust into the completeness of the experience. And then there’s the location … the Bali Mountain Retreat Centre on Mt. Batakaru, Bali. WOWZA! All my senses were awakened with such intensity! I danced in communion with the rich sounds, smells and beauty of the mountain forest (and the chanting of the monks). Truly unforgettable and wholly moving. I will be forever grateful to Tricia and Maria and the Sacred Dance Guild, and also to myself for stepping out of my comfort zones. Such a gift.”

    Dawn Harris 


    EXTRA : Optional Training Stream available with SDG accreditation. 


    Bookings through Contact Tricia Lee : for more information 



    The Sacred Connection

    The Sacred Connection

    A conversation between the sacrum the heart and our innate sexuality

    This workshop has taken place in:

    Senigallia  Italy 6 July 2019

     Milano Itlay 29th & 30th July 2019

    Melbourne Aust 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2019


    The space that Maria creates in her workshops brings me to a different dimension of peace, love and harmony.

    Working through the body somatically as we are allowed in our own time to let go of past traumas, pain.   This is done so very gently that you hardly feel it, and when finished you are left with a feeling of just being.   Just being in my own presence feeling safe, love and accepted.

    As a human being what else is there than being one with yourself and therefore with others.

    Thank you Maria for an amazing experience. 

    Love & Light. Toni. Yoga Teacher. 

    Being 60 fills with a sense of being in my perfectly non perfect existence. Every day I practice acts of attempted authenticity. Rising up stumbling and falling and getting up again. 

    I was sharing with a friend that when I began my long career as an Artist model at the age of 19 I felt a great sense of belonging and personal freedom. I discovered that being naked was so natural to me and on top of that I was paid to be naked. I am one of those people that when it is hot I take my cloths off and when it is cold I put them on. So in spite of the things that happen to me as a small child, things that should not have happened, somehow in me there was something bigger than all of that, that allowed me on some levels to be able to be comfortable in my skin. I have the same feeling with my sexuality, but due to that past experience it was complicated.  I have learnt a lot about myself in the healing process. When I took up Egyptian dance at the age of 29 the door opened to an ancient wisdom that dwelled inside me, the challenge to embrace my femaleness and to a journey of self discovery through this primordial and essential dance. This dance lead me to other movement healing modalities that took me to become a Dance Movement Therapsit that became the foundation of my work.   

    Delving into the potential naturalness and normality of our sexuality. Aligning itself to our hearts desire and the meaning of self love and unconditional acceptance.  Our beautiful, bountiful and boundless heart holding us physically, emotionally and spiritually in our sacredness.    

    We deal with distorted anomalies around our sexuality, mostly focuses around women. In a privileged country such as australia we can run or attend a workshop such as this one. As we who can reclaim the right to embrace our natural selves for ourselves including our sexual organs, we can help open the portal for all women of all cultures.  Once we can individuate ourselves and our sexual expression we can then navigate our wants, needs and right in relationship to other. To do this we must create a compassionate and self loving path to the heart. 

    Through authority in the acknowledgement that much of what we believe about the feminine has been filtered through the eyes of a patriarchal context. We have to know and care about this. We are trying. 

    In this creative, expressive, movement and dance workshop we will address these themes. Deepening our relationship to the heart connection, to our personal expression of sexuality and joy. 

    Through the expansion of the relationship we have with ourselves we can the meet the other.  

    Yin Bellydance – Embodied Bellydance®

    Yin Bellydance – Embodied Bellydance®

    Gently does it! Honouring the feminine through Essence of Egyptian dance

    This workshop series continues my practice as a dancer and dance movement therapist in facilitating women’s journeys as we go deeper and deeper into our beings, looking for truth, wholeness and the essence of who we are.

    In this series I introduce Yin Bellydance, a further development of Embodied Bellydance® influenced by my exploration of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Yin Bellydance builds further on the Yin elements of Embodied Bellydance, giving time to feel the body responding firstly to breath and a deep listening.

    These practices have given me profound insights into my body, creating more freedom and space. Chronic pain is one reason I attended my first bellydance class 30 years ago and I would like to share the solace I have found in Egyptian dance, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

    What will we do?

    Discover the journey of figure eights, circles and waves through the body as a whole and find our way into the feeling of each movement.

    Experience the shaping of all the joints and sets of bones through the hips, knees, ankles and the movement of the whole spine as the navel creates the shape.

    Experience the movement of the fluids as they dip and shift and flow through the fascia and connective tissue.

    Explore our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual response as we move to the sound of traditional and contemporary Egyptian music.

    Learn the Golden Mantra, unlocking barriers to improvisation no matter how much experience you have.

    Explore Baladi and stress free spontaneous choreography.

    Who is this workshop for?

    This workshop is open to all levels of dance and movement experience.

    I welcome bellydance and non bellydance participants, as this mix of participants has ensured a rich field of illumination in the past.

    Bellydance teachers benefit not only from insight into music and movement, but also the teaching skills developed from the experience of learning in a multi-skilled environment.


    Jan 11 – 15, 2020

    10.30 to 6.00 pm daily

    5 days: $680

    Weekend only: $280


    Certificate of attendance is issued on request


    Grace Revolution Studio
    Level 1 462 Smith St Collingwood

    What shall I bring?

    Sacred object (anything that is meaningful to you today, that will be placed on an altar and taken home at the end of the day)

    2 soft 20 cm pilates balls (Hart online are good because they have a short plug)

    Water, snacks, lunch

    Note book if needed

    Fruit, nuts & teas will be provided

    What inspired me to offer this workshop series?

    Recently a private client who also loves bellydance was surprised to discover that bellydance was traditionally an improvised dance.  I understood perfectly why she was surprised. In this day and age, for a number of reasons, the dance is mostly taught through choreography.  Many people find improvising hard to teach and learn. I feel blessed that this was my road into Egyptian dance all those years ago. The music and rhythms speak to my heart and I am transported.  My connective tissue, organs, bones, parasympathetic nervous system bathe in the sound.

    I look forward to sharing this gift with you.

    This workshop is open to all levels of dance experience. 

    Teachers are very welcome.  

    Certificate of attendance is issued.