In my work I use a combination of skills, founded a life of self enquiry and personal study of healing and metaphysical arts. I am a trained Functional Analysis Body Psychotherapist and a Dance Movment Therapist. In my holding is a wisdom that came before that.  A wisdom that honours the healer within, not just mine but yours too.  See my other website for more comprehensive look at my work DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY 

 My sessions may look like this:

 On the first session I would spend time getting to know you so there would be a considerably amount of talking.

 Verbal Work 

In the talking I would be listing to you on many levels not just verbally. I would be tuning into not just the story but also to any somatic responses that you or I may be having  For as much as words can be important, it maybe how you are speaking and what you are feeling that is more important. We would go in and out of verbal work during the session. Focusing any themes that may be arising, bringing them back to body sensation, emotional or spiritual responses and thoughts.

 Breath Work 

I would bring your attention to your breathing. Done in a nonjudgmental way to enhance your awareness of the quality of your breathing. I will use a variety of processes without imposing any kind breathing technique or style. This will create an opening for you to access a cellular embodied breath in your own way and time.

 Body Work

 If I was seeing you in person, I would use touch via what is called Points and Positions body work* This a gentle non invasive form of touch rather like Shiatzu that works on the connective tissue, the fluid system, and where tendons and ligaments meet bone. At times I my put your body in a position and use contraction to initiate expansion. I would chose a particular part of the body to work on. This usually inspires an authentic state of being, often it is a soothing and nourishing state and opens the door that allows things to come to the surface. At times this is not very obvious in the moment but over time there can be many changes that occur in a self organising way.

 Somatic Exploration 

 Because I can not use touch online I will be asking you to collaborate with me in the use of specific exercise, somatic exploration that can involve sound and breath. During this time I will be present to you inviting you to go deeper into the experience. Please note deeper is different for each individual. One person could experience deeper as expensive external state of being. Another person may experience deeper as a mediative contemplate and internal. This can change at anytime. There is not wrong or right.

 I do this even face to face, one on one session

 We always return to verbal work, always checking in about any themes that may be arising and seeing where they lead us.

 Authentic Movement with or with music 

 I would invite you then to move the theme/s that may have arisen –  Moving/Dancing what comes up. We would set a time frame for this to happen. I will chime you in and out of your dance.  you Move with eyes closed (unless you can’t for some reason)  You may respond to thought, feelings, sensations, felt sense, the environment. You may get distracted. I invite you to observe this and to make it part of your dance.  While you move, I will witness you. You are free to move/dance what is arisen in you at the time. Move however you feel to move  like in the somatic exploration there is not wrong or right way.  At first you may feel uncomfortable doing this and that is Ok. Usually as time progress you will come to love this part of the session

 Drawing Writing  

 You will be invited to draw or make a symbol of the experience and what comes to you. I will invite you to respond to the first thing that comes to mind. You will give you image a title and date it.  You may also have time to write.

 We end the session with a viral check. Often the depth of what has arisen will not have come to the surface yet. Sometime there’s not much to say. The body/mind/soul desires to digest the essence of what took place.  ‘

 The work keeps going 

 This is an outline of how I work, but I also take cues form what is needed on the day.  The order may change or I am do less of one or more of another

 My interests is that the you develop personal resource and that are active in their own healing.

 In Functional Analysis Body Psychotherapy we work from the premises that our core self is in tact this is a common understand now in many healing arts.  As the therapist/healer I am assisting you to find that core self, so you can flourish and be the best you can for you, under any giving situation.

 I have no exceptions or judgement of what you bring to the session or how long anything should take.

We are all different as are of stories, hurst, joys, sorrows.  It is through kindness and compassion and being seen that we have the opportunity to heal

 Time frame

Sessions go for 1 1/2 hours

 Fee Structure 

Indiviual sessions $140 –  If you are experiencing Financial hardship talk to me 

Couples sessions  $200


8 indivudual sessions – $880