SensingFeelingDancing the Chakras for DTAA

Dance movement exploration Maria Sangiorgi Maria: dmt and esoteric healing certs., Egyptian dancer and teacher began her training in Egyptian Dance (Raqs Sharqi) in 1989.  Her classes are called Embodied Bellydance,with a focus on body awareness, and workshops called SensingFeelingDancing the Chakras, the Dance of the Sensual Soul and Trance Dance. She is using Egyptian Dance within a dance movement therapy model when working with disability groups and women in prison. She is also a visual … [Read more...]

Return to Isis

Dancing Isis Moves in me. Isis the queen, the mother, lives in the hearts of all of us in many faces, manifestation, and semblances. The time of Isis past revealed itself to me at Dendera the Temple of Hathor in Egypt in June 2007, but not in the temple itself. I was lead by a sister to go to the small temple behind the main temple, which is dedicated to Isis. As I made my way there a guide followed me. I was a bit bothered by him because as it is in Egypt everyone wants money or something, but … [Read more...]

SensingFeelingDancing the Chakras for CIDs

A Dance Movement Exploration  Maria Sangiorgi Dance Movement Therapist  Adv. Dip. IDTIA - Australia  CIDS Dance Therapy Congress, Athens 2012 . . . is Inspired by Traditional Egyptian Dance and all oriental dance forms. The primary source of movement to all of life and the universe : spirals, curves and waves and vibrations Indigenous dance from all over the world The inner movement and shaping of the all body systems; fluid, skeletal, muscular etc., the spiralling … [Read more...]

What’s in a Name?

This article is based on an Email dialogue between Amera from Amera’s palace in Sydney and my self that took place early 2001, in between our busy live and her computer crashing.  I was inspired to write about our discussions because while Amera and I share the common ground of Middle Eastern dance, the way we dance and what influences us are very different, but between us there is a willingness to accept each other and our passion for what we do.  The topic of our conversation was,  the  … [Read more...]

Laban & Dance Movement Therapy

Laban terminology as a matrix for organising expressive experience and its relevance to DMT.  Dancing with the Dusters When Joan Littlewood asked Laban what attracted him to dance, he replied: “I saw the man polishing a ballroom floor with two dusters tied to his feet.  “What a lovely job” I thought. “ That is the way I shall go” (Newlove and Daby p.10,  2004) To know that Laban chose to become a dancer whilst watching a man polishing the floor with 2 dusters tied to his feet would … [Read more...]

“Holding” a DMT exploration

How "holding" becomes accessed and developed in DMT; i.e. how “holding”, a key concept of object relations is translated into an energy model. Maria Sangiorgi The Good Enough Poem I see you I hear you you are a good enough child I am a good enough mother what do you need? I can hold you enough I can hold you as long as it take for you to walk on your own 2 feet I will hold your hand if you need I will stay as long as you need No rush One day you will go I will help you to … [Read more...]

A Personal Dance Movement Therapy Exploration

Describe, outline and communicate, from your personal observation and response to the movement process. Link and analyse, the movement experience of at least one of the Eight Theoretical Principals of Dance Movement Therapy (1995) of Dr Marcia B. Leventhal. Reflect and evaluate the relevance and value of the principles that you have chosen in light of your movement experience, reading, from Dance Movement Therapy theory and practice. Introduction I came to the module in a new skin. I had shed … [Read more...]

DIVA – The forming of my Dance Movement Therapy model

The forming of my Dance Movement Therapy model. Maria Sangiorgi 2009 In this essay I am writing from the point of view of myself as a dancer, dance educator and therapist in training.  I will refer to my budding awareness of the terms "Newtonian" and "Quantum", and their meaning in terms of my personal experience, and the theoretical frameworks presented to me in the reading material and in the tutorials that took place during Module 7. In answer to the question and the topic presented … [Read more...]

DMT, Homelessness & Schizophrenia

Dance Movement Therapy used with a group of homeless men suffering form Schizophrenia  Maria Sangiorgi 2005 This paper describe the movement characteristics and life challenges that may be faced by a group of homeless men suffering from Schizophrenia. It discusses the special contribution that dance therapy makes and the methods can be used and theoretical framework that support my ideas. This work aims to explore the relationship between a number of theoretical frame works and their … [Read more...]