my fav cropped My Artistic life takes many forms as you can read on this site Maria Sangiorgi. As a dancer I have danced at many functions and weaving the magic of Egyptian dance music  so that it touches your heart through my joy and skill in this beautiful art form. Egyptians hear the music in thought the movements of the dancer!

I am the dancer with a band of musicians We are  Yalla – I am a part of a greater whole. The music is live and everything is immediate and exciting. I dance, I sing, I play percussion. I am interpreting all the many instrument that are played and the rhythm of the drum.

I dance to express the poetry of Rumi and the lament of the ney. I am a part of The Sanctuary Ensemble. We unite as a devotional expression through our art, the voice, the song, the instruments meld and become hypnotic and trance like meditative and pray like.

I am there for:

  • Hens parries
  • Pre-wedding Rituals
  • General Women’s Business
  • Significant Birthdays, especially over 50’s
  • Births
  • Re-Births
  • Initiations

* Sanctuary Ensemble go to myspace for sound clips of Canberra Festival concert 2007 Sanctuary

Yalla Melbourne’s Middle Eastern Music and dance Group

 Yalla see link for more details and sound clips

“You’d have to travel thousands of kilometers, endure sizzling
temperatures and ride a camel to hear music as authentic as that of Yalla!”
Sarah Hudson   The Herald Sun, Melbourne

“Upbeat middle-eastern dance music…from an unlikely location.”
Lucky Oceans ,The Planet, Radio National
“An ensemble that is vibrant, colourful and able to sustain a high energy
level throughout its entire performance”
THE NEWS Gippsland


Yalla! is an exciting  traditional and upbeat Middle-Eastern music and dance group led by multi-instrumentalist, Phil Carroll) on quartertone accordion, mizmar (Arabic oboe) , ney (Arabic
flute)  and vocals, as well Matt Stonehouse & Anita Larkin  on percussion  (tabul,darrabukas,reqs,dufs etc.)  Maria Sangiorgi dancer, percussion and vocals. Phil Gunter  on oud (lute) and Ernie Gruner  on violin.

Yalla!  feature the Egyptian styles of Sha’abi (folk), Baladi (urban folk)
and Sharqi (classical) as well as music of Persia, Turkey, North Africa
,Tribal and Trance.
Performances have included: Port Fairy Folk Festival, The National Folk
Festival, Canberra, The  Melbourne International Festival, Fairbridge Festival WA
Folk Alliance Conference, Adelaide. Victorian regional touring,
Club Rakassah and many festivals and dance clubs.

Yalla Celebrated 10 years of playing together in 2007 at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

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CD available from me $ 28 Aus includes postage (with in Australia)