Welcome to Dancing Isis Dance Dance Journeys for the Awakening Heart & Dance Movement Therapy .  The home dance and movement, ecstatic and transformational  workshops for groups or individuals who value dance a movement as a way to go deep inside self and move want needs to move.  … [Read More...]

Dance Journeys

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The Flowing Spine

About the Workshop  This workshop revolves around the exploration of the Serpentine movements of the spine and  is aimed at both those who have never experienced this form of movement before, along with those who would like to deepen their practice of all forms of Oriental/Egyptian dance and other dance in general. Professional dancers and therapist welcomed! Embodied Bellydance®  embraces the undulating, spiralling,  circling movements of the human body, life and the universe. By Following these natural movements, we invite them to amplify and radiate through the whole organism.  Embodied bellydance® invites you to organise the natural movements, the inner wave and to follow the rhythm, … [Read More...]

5 Sound the Soul Dance low res 13:11:12

Sounding the Throat Chakra

Sound and movement are natural partners. It is the way it used to be and the way it is amongst many indigenous cultures. Unfortunately many of us feel inhibited to make sounds let alone to move at the same time. This Dance Journey will take you into the Throat Chakra the seat of our Creativity, to give you the opportunity to work with the stuckness that you my feel in the throat area. This stuckness can be about a life situation in the present or the past. I can relate to some thing ancestral or global. For instance the silencing of the feminine over the centuries affects many of us who are aligned to the feminine, be they women or men. Let us find the healing voice that lives deep … [Read More...]